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Company Information


The world is increasingly flat in a faster way with the development of science and technology. However, Vietnam hot-dip galvanized industry seems to stand out of this trend, most factories still use outdated technology and lack of synchronization.

Capturing this gap, at the end of 2015, the company‘s founder Committed to build V-COATING into a pioneering brand name in the “eld of corrosion protection of the metal surfaces of Vietnam, a brand that convernges Western science with the quintessence of Vietnamese culture.

The dedication and effort of V-COATING‘s staff is closely combined with the experience of Japanese counterpart experience that has been rewarded. After more than one year of construction, by August 2016, V-COATING Manufacturing and Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Structrure Plant with synchronous plating technology of Germany was offcially put into operation. We are proud of being the first Vietnamese to create high quality hot-dip galvanized steel structure in our hometown.

Positioned as a COMMITMENT, company, V-COATING people understand that German technology with Japanese production method is only a necessary condition to create hot-dip galvanized products with stable quality. So, we work together every day, continuously improve to make customer more satis”ed, realize the common dream: “Creating a brand with strong vitality of the Vietnamese”.

Along with the developing and opening of the Vietnamese economy, the construction and development process of V-COATING has also grown continuously through the following stages:


Cooperation with Japanese partner Tanaka, continuing to invest in Hot-dip Galvanized Line No. 2 and building V-COATING steel structure manufacturer in Hung Yen province.


Supplying all Telecom towers (over 3,000 tons) for Vietnamobile‘s 3G to 4G conversion project.


Supplying and constructing all Steel structure for the airport terminal, a part of Sun Group’s Van Don Airport project.


Supplying Steel towers (over 30,000 tons) for 500kV Circult 3 Transmission line, supplying Ground screw and Steel structure of Solar panel mounting systems for Solar energy plants like: Phong Phu 42MWp Solar energy plant, Truc Son 44,4 MWp solar energy plant etc.


Supplying Steel structure of Solar panel mounting systems (over 20,000 tons) for Xuan Thien 830MWp, Solar energy plant.

"Developing and manufacturing infrastructure to improve people‘s lives."