EVNNPT and the goal of making to top 10 Asian power transmission organizations

After more than 10 years since its establishment, overcoming many difficulties, the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) has basically met the set requirements and is aiming to hold the position of one of 10 top power transmission units in Asia by 2025.

According to Mr. Luu Viet Tien – Deputy General Director of EVNNPT, over the past 10 years, the national power transmission system has made great progress in terms of scale and is increasingly improving in quality and technology level. EVNNPT has operated safely, continuously and stably the national power transmission system with an average growth rate of 10.95%/year, making an important contribution to EVN in ensuring a stable power supply for the development of socioeconomic.

Up to now, the national power transmission system has reached all provinces, cities and nationwide and connected to the power transmission grid of China, Laos and Cambodia.

Currently, EVNNPT is managing and operating 154 substations (substations) with a total transformer capacity of 94,219 MVA, including 31 500 kV substations, 123 220 kV substations. Regarding the transmission line, EVNNPT is managing and operating 25,301 km, including 8,046 km of 500 kV transmission lines, 17,255 km of 220 kV lines. Compared with the establishment of EVNNPT (July 2008), the transmission line length has increased by 2.3 times, the number of substations has increased by 2.5 times, and the capacity of transformers has increased by 4.2 times. These impressive numbers show the tremendous progress of the transmission grid over the years.

In the context of having to maintain the speed of transmission grid development to meet the country’s electricity demand and at the same time increase labor productivity, the pressure on EVNNPT is great in operating as well as investing in transmission power grids. load.

Regarding the operation of the power transmission system, due to slow progress of some power sources such as Thai Binh 2 Thermal Power Plant, it led to overloading of 500 kV Nho Quan and Thuong Tin substations. Song Hau and Long Phu thermal power centers are behind schedule, leading to high transmission pressure on the North-South transmission line.

In fact, although EVNNPT needs to make more efforts to reduce incidents on the transmission grid, it is based on four criteria to evaluate the quality of the power transmission system (reliability, availability, breakdown rate and transmission loss), EVNNPT is approaching the group of 10 leading power transmission organizations in Asia among the comparison. In order to reduce incidents on the transmission grid, EVNNPT is actively upgrading the transmission grid step by step to reduce incidents caused by damage to old equipment; standardize equipment technical characteristics to improve the quality of new investment equipment; improve the quality of human resources to minimize subjective incidents; apply new technologies to proactively forecast potential incidents, etc.

As for the evaluation criteria of labor productivity, EVNNPT is standing at the end of the group with average labor productivity in the range of 15-30 GWh/person. Therefore, in the coming time, EVNNPT will continue to promote the operation of unmanned substations in accordance with EVN’s orientation, reaching 60% of 220kV substations operating under the unmanned criteria by 2020. At the same time, EVNNPT gradually applied unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to manage and operate the line. These will be two breakthrough solutions for EVNNPT to increase labor productivity, reflected in the fact that the length of transmission lines and the number of substations increase year by year, but the number of electricity production and business workers decreases.


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