Strong development of pre-fabricated steel buildings in the construction industry

Pre-fabricated steel buildings are considered a breakthrough revolution in the construction industry. With the development trend of pre-fabricated steel buildings in the world in general and Vietnam in particular, it is likely that Vietnam will be one of the leading countries in the field of steel structure in Southeast Asia.

In the past 10 years, the pre-fabricated steel building market in Vietnam and neighboring countries is still quite limited and has not had a strong effect.

Currently, not stopping at the industrial sector for mere factories and factories, the pre-fabricated steel building market is also quite popular in the civil sector such as restaurants, hotels, residential houses, shopping centers, etc. Public service centers: stadiums, toll stations, airports, schools, etc.

The great advances of pre-fabricated steel building construction techniques have brought a new breeze to the construction industry. Previously, pre-fabricated steel buildings were always accompanied by concepts such as “convenient, cheap, dry, rigid”. Today, in the wizarding hands of architects, they experiment with a completely different attitude when pushing pre-fabricated steel buildings to a new height “Modern, fast, economical” with different styles. Newer, bolder home to meet the modern lifestyle.

Economists believe that pre-fabricated steel building builders and architects will earn huge profits from this market when the steel structure segment is gradually dominating the construction plan.

The market of pre-fabricated steel buildings in Vietnam has positive signs and is strongly invested

According to many experts, Vietnam – a rather fertile market; attracting many investors from the fields of agriculture and services to industry and commerce. Followed by the need to build pre-fabricated steel buildings to serve the needs of business development.

Therefore, currently, many construction units are born to meet that need. This leads to many options for investors. The selection of the right contractor must depend on the good quality factor; competitive price; fast construction time; good implementation of occupational safety.

Common applications of pre-fabricated steel buildings on the market today

The global prefab housing market is segmented on the basis of structure; application and region. According to structure; The market is divided into two tiers and multiple tiers. Moreover, the single-tier segment accounts for the largest share of revenue, and the multi-tier segment is expected to grow during the forecast period. In addition, the application of prefabricated buildings for offices; large retail stores and other construction projects are expected to provide lucrative opportunities for multi-storey market expansion.

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Steel structure products are processed and manufactured on modern technological lines and hot-dip galvanized according to customer’s technical requirements and current international standards (ISO 9001; 18TCN 04-92; ASTM A123; JIS H8641 etc.).

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