National Power Transmission Corporation strives to achieve targets

Over the years, despite facing many difficulties and challenges, the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) has strived to fulfill its tasks and achieved many achievements. In 2020, EVNNPT is determined to comprehensively complete the targets and tasks of the 2020 plan and the 2016-2020 5-year plan in terms of production, business, construction investment and finance.

Thanks to the solidarity, unity, efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges of the collective of officials and employees; the support of the Government, ministries, branches and partners; With the support of localities and especially the close attention and direction of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), EVNNPT has achieved many good achievements, thereby increasingly affirming its position and important role important in the national economy.

Currently, the national power transmission system has become a large-scale power transmission system compared to other countries in ASEAN and Asia; increasingly synchronous and modern with many advanced equipment and technologies in the world; maintain the “backbone” role in the national electricity system. The 500 kV power transmission system has three 500 kV transmission lines connecting the central region and the south, two 500 kV lines linking the north and the central region, and circuit 3 (Vung Ang – Quang Trach – Doc Soi – Pleiku 2) is being urgently built to have three 500 kV transmission lines from north to south, creating a solid connection to the electricity system in all three regions of the country; there are 500 kV loops in both the north and the south to enhance the stability and reliability of power supply; connected the 500kV power grid of the Southeast region with the Southwest region. The 220 kV power transmission system ensures the “backbone” role in the power system of regions, provinces and cities nationwide; connected to the power transmission system of China, Laos, Cambodia.

For operation management, over the years, EVNNPT has implemented synchronously many solutions such as: ensuring discipline and discipline in technical and operational management; strictly comply with procedures and regulations in troubleshooting, periodical inspection, maintenance, major repair, regular repair, equipment testing, etc.; regularly check and monitor the operation process to promptly handle defects and abnormal phenomena on the power grid; implement solutions to minimize power loss and number of incidents; well carry out propaganda to protect the security and safety of the national power transmission system, especially the 500 kV power transmission system in accordance with the law on protection of important works related to national security. family. As a result, EVNNPT has successfully completed the key task of ensuring safe, continuous and stable power transmission for economic, political, social, security, defense and electricity market activities in Vietnam.

V-COATING is a leading manufacturer with more than 20 years of expertise and experience in manufacturing steel tower and steel structure for transmission lines from 110kV to 500kV.

Steel tower products are automatically processed and manufactured on CNC lines and hot-dip galvanized according to customer’s technical requirements and current international standards (ISO 9001; 18TCN 04-92; ASTM A123; JIS H8641 etc.).


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